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Popular restaurants around Siam Square

The 10 most popular Thai restaurants in Siam is a page written to help visitors who are looking for some good, honest Thai food without having to break the bank or get lured into some tourist trap-type place.

All of these Thai restaurants in Siam so you can be confident that a meal at any of these joints will be authentic Thai food, with pleasant service and great value prices – just as a local restaurant should be. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just places we often go to for a nice lunch or dinner when we’re in the mood for Thai food in Siam.

1.Jim Thompson Cafe


Possibly one of the nicest places to eat in Siam, the café is surrounded by water and greenery along with exotic butterflies and birds. A tour of the teakwood mansion after or before a meal is definitely a great way gain an insightful glimpse at the silk trade in Thailand and the life of the American who led it to be so prevalent on a global scale, Jim Thompson. The café features both Thai and western dishes, cooked and presented to perfection with pretty good coffee, too. It goes without saying that the café interior décor is completely delightful.

2.Som Tam Nua


Som Tam Nua on Siam Square Soi 5 is a casual and trendy dining spot that has risen to fame serving up tasty, foreigner-friendly papaya salad and other Issan-region dishes. Hidden deep down on one of the alleyways leading away from Siam BTS station, the search for Som Tam Nua is a fun prelude to a tasty meal, and, at times, the queues of locals trailing out the door testify to its reputation. Located in Siam Square, the main fashion hub of the city, there are a whole range of fashion stalls and interesting shops surrounding the restaurant.

3.Ban Khun Mae

The heartwarming idea of going to grandma’s house for some traditional home cooking is something that transcends boundaries and is exactly the kind of feeling you get at Ban Khun Mae Restaurant. Ban Khun Mae – or Mrs Mae’s House for the literal translation – is actually a bit of an anomaly, located in the heart of the Siam Square, the uber-cool shopping area popular with young city kids and university students. The exposed timber, hand painted murals and large collection of charming ornaments gives the restaurant a rustic, old-fashioned appeal that contrasts with the young, hip vibe in neighbouring restaurants and shops.

4.Rod Dee Det Restaurant


Rod Dee Det is not a fancy restaurant with nice cutlery and air con… it’s is a neighbourhood joint, somewhere locals and those who know would describe as the best spot in Siam Square for a bowl or two of excellent noodle soups, usually beef with the usual choice of thin, medium or large flat rice noodles. The soup itself is so dark and rich that when walking around the shop you can already smell its delicious flavour metres away. A bowl costs between 40 to 60 baht but servings are not that big so you might want to order two bowls right from the start if you feel hungry. Rod Dee Det also serves chicken stew with rice (khao-nah-kai) and a Chinese style stew with rice (sa-tu-nuea). At lunch time the place is always full but the waiting time is not long, staff are very efficient and you’ll be back to shopping in no time.

5.Siam Square Food Court


Siam Square Food Courts are rather well hidden if you are not familiar with the intricate maze of lanes in this area. The smallest of them is located below the now famous Scala Cinema, quite close to MBK shopping mall, and the biggest it at the exact opposite end of Siam Square. The concept of food courts is simple and extremely popular in Thailand and South East Asia, but totally unknown in western countries. A long line of tiny stalls serve a wide array of Thai precooked food that would be endless to list here. You just walk along until you spot something you like and just order a plate of it, often mixing more than one dish on the same plate. Pick up fork, knife or chopsticks and whatever condiment you need, then walk to any available table. Plates usually cost around 40 baht. It’s a bit like a self service but instead of being run by one single shop, each stall is independent. Once done with your meal, just leave everything on the table and walk away. It’s not shiny and doesn’t look very appealing by our standards, but it’s fast, cheap and usually quite good, a fun way to taste real Thai life!

6.Cafe Chilli


Located on the ground floor of luxury mall Siam Paragon, Café Chilli serves a modern mix of Thai dishes with an emphasis on ‘Isaan’ (the northeastern region of Thailand) food. The laidback surroundings of Café Chilli are an excellent place to sample the famed dishes of the region, which is known for its powerful use of flavours. Servings are small and each has an individual taste due to the bold use of herbs and spices, so it’s best to order several dishes for the table to share so you can get the right blend of fiery spice, biting citrus and bitter herb flavours. Prices are a little above average but this is reflected in the quality of the food. It also boasts a shaded outdoor patio area – perfect for relaxing with a drink in hand.

7.White Flower Factory (Krua Dok Mai Khao)


This stylish restaurant and café is very modern and currently one of the most popular places for a leisurely lunch in Siam Square One, the latest mall to open in Siam Square. The brushed concrete and glass fronted wall overlooking Siam BTS Station make for a cool and urban setting. The menu is disconcertingly long, covering Thai food, western food and cakes. While the taste of the Thai food can’t be described as the best in the area, everything is well presented and tastes good enough for an enjoyable meal. The coffee and cake is highly regarded here, making it popular place for a catch-up with your besties.

8.Baan Ying Cafe & Meal


Baan Ying gets plenty of factors just right, and as such it has grown and opened new branches across the city. This modern, clean restaurant chain can be found in many of the malls around downtown Bangkok including Siam Center, CentralWorld and Terminal 21. The service is swift, prices are very affordable and the menu hits the spicy notes with dishes like green curry with roti, Northern Thai curry (kao soi) and the sweet notes thanks to plenty of desserts – mango sticky rice being our top pick.



This no-nonsense restaurant serves surprisingly tasty food in clean but basic surroundings in Siam Square Soi 9. Inter will win no awards for its interior which, frankly, has a bit of an 80s vibe with red and yellow plastic, but we come here for one thing and one thing only: the food! Morning glory fried in oyster sauce with fiery red chilli, som tam, laab pork salad, tom yum kung soup, you will find a huge array of Thai dishes here and all cooked for the local palate. This means those without a tongue for handling spice will be reaching for the water jug, but this is the real deal when it comes to local Thai food in Siam. Prices are cheap too.

10.Taling Pling


Taling Pling started life as a standalone Thai restaurant that became so popular with locals and visitors it expanded into Central World and Siam Paragon shopping malls. The cool interiors of mismatched wallpapers, modern lighting fixtures and classic Thai menu always impresses us, with a prices that always leave us pleasantly surprised. Fish dishes are a speciality here, although Taling Pling has the full range of Thai dishes from spicy salads to soups and curries. Eating in a shopping mall isn’t as cool as finding a small independent shophouse but if you’re looking for authentic Thai food in an easy-to-find location then Taling Pling comes highly recommended.